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A Welcome from the Manager, Sam Shimmin

I feel extremely privileged and proud to be the Manager of such a beautiful preschool that has been around for over forty years. The dedicated staff have made this home from home setting into a warm and caring environment for children to learn and grow whilst having lots of fun.

 Now, with all new staff on board we hope to keep up the tradition and hard work of previous staff who for many years nurtured and cared for the children at Squirrels like their own.

Having worked in Primary Schools for many, many years, we understand the importance of getting children’s education right from the beginning. We value each and every one of our children as individuals and understand that every child learns in their own way and in their own time.

We promote independence and self care in a secure enabling environment where our children are confident, outgoing and happy.

At Squirrels pre-school we offer something that is very hard to find. Our wonderful, friendly, child-centred setting takes children from two years old and offers a fabulous term-time, early-years social and educational experience in a family-like environment.

Recent parental feedback is also very encouraging:

“A traditional pre-school with a little bit of magic!” – A Squirrels parent

The magic? There is no minimum hour requirement. Unlike many nursery settings, we run more like a part of the family welcoming children for as little as one morning a week if all you need is some time to get housework done, go to the hairdressers or have a doctor’s appointment without attendant toddler.
Children are happy and thrive while you take care of some of the many other things that life requires.

On the beautiful Delamere Park just outside Cuddington, it’s quiet and convenient for you to leave your precious ones while you have some much-needed time.

Now under new management with a whole new early-years team, why not take a look at our reviews and call to have a look around? You will be delighted with our little gem.

Please feel free to drop in at any time unannounced and we will be more than happy to show you round our preschool.

About Squirrels

Squirrels, a pre-school with a difference, is a charity non-profit pre-school that offers quality childcare at a significantly cheaper cost. This rural village pre-school is considerably smaller than the average nursery where children play and thrive in a home from home setting.

Squirrels is lucky to welcome only a small number of children giving them individual EYFS curriculum support combined with old fashioned family values where manners and looking after ourselves and each other are key. Squirrels offers children the opportunity to socialise at nursery in more of a child minder size setting.

Squirrels has a flexible approach to child care provision with no minimum hours catering for individual child and parent needs. Come take a look!

The Squirrels Team

Past And Present Parent Feedback

“I can’t put my finger on why, but the children feel like squirrels is there’s. This is their space, their happy place”

“School have been impressed with the social confidence and lovely manners my child demonstrated on starting school. We definitely have squirrels to thank for this”

“My little boy was very clingy at playgroup but runs into squirrels without a backwards glance. The ladies at squirrels have a relaxed and informal relationship with parents that make you want to stay for a coffee rather than going to work!”

“The price of a place at squirrels and their no minimum hours policy has allowed me to afford my child to spend a morning at Squirrels a week for some time for myself and get the things I need to get done while my son plays happily with his squirrels friends”

“Squirrels allowed my child to increase his hours very gradually as his confidence built which I think has been crucial to his happiness away from home”

“The new manager at Squirrels has a teaching background and builds EYFS curriculum learning into every activity, the children are learning when they think they are just playing! I’ve even seen her teach EYFS goals whilst pumpkin carving”